"I was treated like
family every
step of the way..."

Our Process

When you choose Palais Builders, you will see that we are committed to providing exceptional service in every step of the way. We want you to be comfortable from our first meeting, during construction and build out, all the way to YOUR housewarming party. We love what we do and are passionate about ensuring that you have a home that makes you proud. To help you better understand what to expect when you contract Palais Builders, we have listed the steps of building a custom home.

Step 1: Meet and Greet


  • Fill Out Builder Info Sheet
  • Provide “What is a One-Time Close?” Document
  • Introduce Builder
  • Introduce Buyer and/or Real Estate Agent
  • Discuss Location, Budget, and General Ideas of Custom Build
  • At End of Meeting, We Determine if We Move Forward

Step 2: Qualification


  • We Have Preferred Lenders on Our Team
  • We Like to Do a One-Time Close
  • We Get You to a Lender within 3 Days of Meet and Greet
  • This Helps to Ensure Your Budget

Step 3: House Plans


  • Go Over Specifics of Floor Plan
  • If You Have Already Picked Out a Floor Plan, We Make Custom Changes Together
  • If You Do Not Have a Floor Plan, We Note Ideas and Send to a Designer to Draw Up a Custom Floor Plan

Step 4: Secure Lot

  • Execute Lot Contract
  • Execute Lot Procurement Agreement
  • Title, Option Money to Seller, Order Survey, Order Geotechnical Survey, Meet with City

Step 5: Architectural Concept Review I


  • Go Over First Draft
  • Make Changes
  • Review Specifications and Materials
  • Submit Back to Architect

Step 6: Architectural Concept Review II

  • Finalize House Plans
  • Finalize Specifications and Materials

Step 7: Procure Construction Contract

  • Execute Construction Contract
  • 10% Deposit Due to Builder at Time of Executed Contract

Step 8: Final Plans Review


  • Everyone Signs Off on Plans and Specification and Materials

Step 9: Behind the Scenes

  • Appraisal
  • Engineering
  • Energy Efficiency

Step 10: Loan Closing


  • Close on Construction Loan
  • Down Payment Due at Time of Closing for Full Contract Amount