"I was treated like
family every
step of the way..."

Our Clients

We at Palais Builders pride ourselves in building a personal relationship with you—our client —while building you the home of your dreams. That is the difference between Palais Builders and other so called custom home builders. When our clients are extremely happy, we know we have completed our job and met their expectations. But don’t take our word for it. Read below what our clients have to say…

“Gary can teach the art of quality and customer service. Thanks to him and only him, my house has become my dream home. Everything that was wrong, from minor repairs to wrong fixtures, was handled with prompt courtesy. I would recommend Gary to anyone.”
— (Mr. and Mrs. Langroth, Flower Mound)

Mr. Nordling did not make my wife feel guilty for expecting a well-built house. In fact, he is pleasant to be around. Every morning, he has called our home to see how the repairs are progressing and to ask if there is anything else he can do. We greatly appreciate this service and concern.”
(W. Hunter Byrnes, Flower Mound) 

“I am quite certain that you are probably aware of Gary Nordling’s abilities and his exceptional performance but want to inform you that he is the best diplomat for your company that we have seen. Every company can use people like Gary Nordling, and you are fortunate to have him .”

“Gary Nordling has prevented the builder from leaving us with a bad taste in our mouth, as it seems at one point would happen. I hope all of your agents exhibit the same professionalism and ethical behavior as Gary Nordling.”
(Nyla Hawes, Southlake)

“Gary Nordling is the person responsible for closing this deal. I was ready to take legal action against the builder and walk away from the contract. Thanks to Gary: he was able to smooth out the rough spots of the relationship and consummate the deal. Gary is very good at listening and understanding concerns.”
(Mike and Paula Matteo) 

“Gary Nordling is very capable, competent, and loyal. He most certainly has the aptitude to decipher what is best in the long run.”
(Brad and Sandy Hildreth, Southlake)

“Gary Nordling has my utmost respect and admiration. I believe him to be very dedicated to performing above the standard in the industry.”
(Sandy Stien, realtor)

“I have known Gary Nordling as a business associate and personal friend for over seven years. Please consider this letter as my certification of Mr. Nordling’s integrity in the real estate industry—moreover, any industry or profession he may pursue. As a shareholder and managing partner of a law firm specializing in construction, business, and real estate matters, I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Nordling in various capacities. His prior employers and business partners trusted him enough to make him the client contact with my firm’s representation of their real estate interests in a legal capacity. During this time, I have found Mr. Nordling to be extremely honest, trustworthy, and dependable. I have referred close friends, clients, and colleagues to Mr. Nordling and will continue to do so as a result of his upright character and unyielding sincerity in his professional and personal life. I recommend Mr. Nordling without reservation or any hesitation whatsoever.”
(Don Shelton, attorney at law, The Bush Firm)