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Luxury Homes

Luxury home building can differ from regular custom home building in a number of ways.

One of the major differences between building a luxury home and a regular custom home  is the quality of the materials used. This can frequently be evident on the outside, as many luxury homes use stucco siding as opposed to brick or vinyl siding. The major differences, though, will be on the inside. Not only will there be more rooms and open space in a luxury home construction, the materials used will be of a higher quality. Many of these projects have solid hardwood flooring or plush carpets, while some will even go as far as having stone or granite flooring. The kitchen area may have marble or granite countertops, along with the most advanced appliances. Many luxury home construction projects also include pools or other unique touches, like a basketball court or a putting green. If you are in the market for a NEW luxury home, contact:

Valetta Estate Homes 682-651-8892 or visit them on the web at www.ValettaEstateHomes.com